Why have a Makeup Artist for your special day? (normally asked by the husband or wife to be, followed by the look of disbelief of “did you really just ask that?!) The first reason to have a professional makeup artist for your day is that quite simply your makeup will last all dayThats right. ALL day! Although this seems like a fairytale, with the right application, products, artist and experience your makeup will do just that. I often have brides text me the following day in shock that not only did it last up until the small hours of the morning but after falling into bed it's still perfect the next day.

For a lot of women this may be the only time you will get your makeup applied professionally, an amazing excuse for a pamper and possibly seeing yourself in a new light for the first time. Many brides have been overwhelmed with how beautiful they look and feel, shedding a few tears of happiness when looking in the mirror, but does the makeup run? No! Any Bridal makeup artist will ensure they use waterproof makeup and a bit of magic to stop your makeup from shifting despite the emotions or weather. Another obvious reason to hire someone like myself for your forever after day is that I will make you look and feel the best you ever have, enhance your natural beauty and give you a timeless look that will last all the years the physical memories, the photographs, hang on your wall.

My job is not to turn you into someone else, its to enhance how beautiful you are inside and out and that's what I love about my job, making brides feel and look as special as their day is going to be. The time in my makeup chair gives you time to take a moment, relax, enjoy and take in the morning while not being caught up in the hustle and bustle of the preparations. This goes hand in hand with the “timing” of the day, the worry of being late or going over time and having to get into your dress in ten minutes won't ever happen if you have a professional makeup artist and hairdresser. I always explain to my brides that the timing of the day is our concern which is why we work like clockwork to make sure your wedding day morning runs seamlessly, taking into account if there is travelling times or if the photographer wants before you leave the house shots. Always leaving you with enough time to slowly and calmly get into your beautiful dress.

Then of course there is the “nerves” or “happy butterfly’s” that will slowly creep in no matter how much of a chilled person you are. We all know how difficult it is sometimes just applying your makeup for a night out, especially if it involves eyeliner but with so much happening on the wedding morning, be it meeting suppliers or organising bridesmaids and family, where do you find the gap for makeup perfection with slightly shakey hands and waves of excitement and love coming over you? We all get into a “rut” or a “routine” with makeup, using the same products, creating the same look, using the same pigments, watching youtube videos in hope they will help us master the good old smokey eye which is why getting a trained makeup artist for your day is important.

We see you with a different trained eye, listen to how you normally like your makeup, your pet peeve's or your signature look, how your having your hair or what your dress looks like, we get to know you and your days plans and adapt this to a look completely individual to YOU and perfect for your wedding day. The “photos” is another reason why I would always recommend having an amazing makeup artist for your special day. It is a myth that makeup or foundation needs to be ploughed on for the photographs and to be quite honest this is one of my bug bears as it may look fantastic on photos but when your up close and face to face with the bride there is nothing worse than fake looking skin or makeup that hides the true beauty of a face.

Makeup should be used to enhance yourself, not to create a mask or look like someone else for one day of your life. There are many tips and tricks for photographic makeup and having worked on numerous shoots for magazines, shows, portfolios or advertising and being part of over 60 weddings a year I can hold my hand on my heart and say ploughing makeup on your face is not one of these “tricks”. You also need to know were not just “makeup artists” for your day, we are your support system, emotionally and physically. A makeup artist is there for you on your special day and I know that I personally do so many things to help my brides day be perfect from running around, babysitting, grabbing you drinks, sewing buttons on waistcoats, drying your tears or calming your nerves, driving home and back again to lend my wellies to a bride and even down to putting my bride in her dress or helping with shoes or stockings.

I have been so lucky to be a part of so many amazing women's special day I can whole heartedly say there hasn't be a wedding where I have “just applied makeup” The last thing is to make sure you do your research! Make sure you book a makeup artist/hairdresser you will get on with and that is also amazing at their job. You are spending the morning of one of the most important days in your life with these people, so its important you want to be around that person. I can't imagine anything worse that spending this time with a moody makeup artist, or someone with no people skills at all. I understand it is more difficult to find a Makeup Artist whom you can trust as I have found over the years that having your makeup applied by a complete stranger is far more daunting than having your hair done. So make sure you ask around, read testimonials, talk to other suppliers about reccomendations or ask friends who have got married who they used, as personal recommendations are worth more than a sponsored link in google. As I am a makeup artist who specialises in Bridal & Wedding Day Makeup in Preston and across all of the North West, I cover all areas such as Preston, Chorley, Leyland, Lancaster, Lytham, Blackpool, Clitheroe, Blackburn, Manchester, The Lake District and where ever my trust makeup mobile takes me :)

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